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windmill valley box art

Windmill Valley Review

This is a great example of everything a modern Euro game should be. Clean design, clear rules, bright boards, and just the right amount of mental overhead.

footsteps of darwin box art

In The Footsteps Of Darwin Review

In the Footsteps of Darwin is a game which will have you cursing your fellow players. You’ll catch yourself muttering “I can’t believe you took my wombat!”, and no one will bat an eyelid.

roll player box art

Roll Player Review

A game about making a character for another game. Is that really a game? It turns out that yes, it most definitely is a game, and a fun game at that.

luthier box art

Luthier Preview

The blind bidding clack-clack-clack of the worker disc placement adds a rich, bright counterpoint to the by-the-books Euro format of collecting resources to fulfil goals. A toccata to its fugue, if you like.

rats of wistar box art

Rats Of Wistar Review

The luck elements in the game might lead you to house rule it or straight up not enjoy it, but if you don’t mind a bit of a gamble, Rats of Wistar is another great game from the Simone Luciani stable.

tokkuri taking box art

Tokkuri Taking Review

It’s not Super Long Nose Goblin for the PC Engine, it’s dinosaurs drinking sake in Tokkuri Taking, and it’s a lot of fun.