About me


My name’s Adam and I’m a 40-something year-old man living in Cornwall, UK. I’ve been playing tabletop games in a serious way for over ten years.

Things I like in a game

I love Euro games most of all, and I especially love worker-placement games, and games with a rondel. I lean towards the heavier end of the board game spectrum, and my preferred games tend to be in the 3 – 5 range when you’re looking at the BGG complexity rating.

I love social deduction and hidden role games, and I’m a massive fan of any kind of mystery too.

I like games with multiple routes to victory, and games that depend on planning and strategy, rather than luck. My Favourite designers are Alexander Pfister, Shem Phillips, Uwe Rosenberg and Dávid Turczi.

Things I don’t like in a game

Generally speaking, I’m usually prepared to try anything. That said, I really don’t enjoy roll-and-move games, or anything completely dependent on luck. I’m not a big fan of the Ameritrash style of games, but there are some notable exceptions, like Cosmic Encounter and Lords of Vegas.

Why board games?

I remember my first exposure to the world beyond Monopoly. I saw a video by Scott Nicholson (this one), introducing different kinds of games. I watched the whole thing, and was enthralled from then.

My own personal gateway games, the ones that really hooked me, were Last Night On Earth, Dominion and Hamburgum. I had a seven year break in playing when my son was born and I didn’t have the time to play (along with the fear of having my precious collection destroyed and/or eaten by a toddler), but now I’m back in deeper than ever.

Other things

My collection isn’t the biggest in the world, but that’s mostly due to not having either as much space or money as I’d like to have.

As of March 2021, I’m proud to say I’m an Associate Writer for There Will Be Games.

Outside of board games I have a lifelong obsession with videogames, and love gardening, space exploration and pretty much anything nerdy in the slightest.