Become a Punchboard supporter

If you like what I’m doing here and want to show support, or even get involved, there are ways for you to do that.

I have supporter memberships available on both Patreon and Ko-fi. Both have exactly the same options available, and both at exactly the same costs and benefits. It makes no difference to me which you choose, it’s just down to your personal preference.

Why would I want to support you?

I pour a lot of time and effort into running Punchboard. I love reading reviews, I love writing reviews, and I wanted a space of my own to host my reviews. I pay for the hosting for the website, my domain, and my Google business suite. It’s not a fortune, but it adds up.

Having supporter memberships is in no way my version of saying “I made a thing, therefore I deserve to be paid to make the thing”. That’s nonsense. The small amounts that my supporters chip-in each month helps with my hosting, but doesn’t pay for it. I’m still out-of pocket at the end of the month. That doesn’t matter, I would – and did – still do this even if it was all paid for by me.

My supporters help with those costs, but most importantly they help me realise that what I’m doing here, might actually be pretty good. Sometimes. Ask anyone who’s regularly creating something and putting it out there; impostor syndrome is real. Knowing I have people out there willing to give me either £1 or £3 per month for what I do is huge. It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings, which I appreciate far more than loose change. So if you want to support me, please do, I’ll be incredibly grateful. Just realise I’ll not be buying myself a superyacht (or even a decent table) anytime soon.