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My top games of 2022

One of the doctrines of the Grand Order of Games Media (or so I’m told, I’m just an Initiate) is:

Thou shalt release a top ten games of the year, every year, lest you be fed to the Ancient One, Kuh’Nhizhya

essen speil 22 top 10 preview

Essen Spiel ’22 Top 10 Hot Games

I’ve had a look through the lists of games being released at Essen and picked my top 10. There are some on here you’d expect, and maybe one or two you wouldn’t.

My Top 10 Board Games of 2021

As another year draws to a close, my thoughts turn to the last 52 weeks and the games I played during them. I had more games competing for table time than ever before, and even got to play them with in-person, with real human beings. The games inside are the games I enjoyed most in 2021.

10 Games For Your Non-Gamer Game Night

If you’re a fan of modern board and card games, there’s a feeling you’ve probably experienced at least once. It’s when you know you’re going to be in a social gathering where people might want to play games, but – SHOCK! HORROR! – they aren’t gamers!

Top 5 – Games Over Ten Years Old

In this post you’ll find my Top 5 games that are at least ten years old, that you can still buy easily, and that I believe still deserve a space in your collection.