Review Policy

Generally speaking, I welcome review copies of games. If you are looking for coverage of your game – old or new – please get in touch with me and we can sort out the details.

My opinions

It is my policy to only provide my own honest opinions of a game. I will not take payment to write a favourable review or preview of a game I do not like.

I will play your game a minimum of three times, usually more. That’s enough for me to give what I consider to be a fair, considered opinion.

What types of games?

My preferred types of games are medium and heavyweight Euro games, along with social deduction and mystery games. Those are my areas of expertise, so if you want coverage by someone knowledgeable in the mechanisms, designs and history of those games, I can write with confidence, and do your game justice. I will happily play nearly any kind of game – unless I find it offensive or distasteful – so please get in touch if your game doesn’t match those types.

I expect your games to have complete and tested rules.


While I endeavour to publish reviews quickly, I am a dad and work a full-time job, so please allow for up to four weeks from my receiving your game until the review is published. I pride myself on doing a good job, so I need time to play the game multiple times in order to give a fair opinion.

Anything else?

If you have any questions at all, please just drop me a line, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks folks,