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task force carrier battles in the pacific box art

Task Force: Carrier Battles in the Pacific Review

Thematic touches are all over the game’s design, and while they’re the sort of things wargame veterans might take for granted, newcomers – who VUCA have clearly invited to the party with Task Force – will be pleasantly surprised.

atlantic chase box art

Atlantic Chase Review

For most of the game your boats are in some kind of quantum state, which sounds ridiculous I know, and I’m almost certainly misrepresenting quantum mechanics, but that’s where we are.

Palm Island Review

In a change from my usual style here, where I review games that tend to cover an entire table, today we’re going to look at one that fits in the palm of your hand. Jon Mietling’s 2018 game Palm Island comprises of just 17 cards, but can it contain a game worth buying in such a small package? Let’s find out.