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Choose Your Own Deadventure Review

I like Play Dead London. I’ve taken part in, and reviewed, loads of their online murder mysteries. They’re always really entertaining, and the cast are fantastic. The mysteries over the last year or so...

Shake, Rattle and Roasted (Play Dead London) Review

This mystery is set in 1950s America, and the setting and characters really brought to mind a mix of Happy Days and Grease. A popular member of the school has been murdered (gasp!), the suspects have been gathered, and through the use of very progressive technology for the time, we – the detectives – can interview them.

Sherlock In Homes 2: Murder On Ice Review

Last year I had the pleasure of watching Sherlock In Homes: Murder at the Circus, which was brilliant. The lovely people at Sharp Teeth Theatre invited me back to take part in their new show, Murder on Ice over the weekend, and I was only too glad to attend.

A Deadly Dose (Play Dead London) Review

Last night I had the pleasure to attend another online murder mystery, this time run by Play Dead London. It’s a mystery run by the actors, with the guests (me included) attend over Zoom. They reached out to me after my previous review of an online mystery, and offered me a chance to take part. Being the mystery fan I am, I jumped at the chance, and here’s how it was for me.

Sherlock In Homes Review

Sherlock In Homes is an online, interactive murder mystery. People connect over the Zoom video-conferencing software, and then watch and interview the actors of a murder mystery to test their sleuthing skills. But is it good? Let’s have a look.