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footsteps of darwin box art

In The Footsteps Of Darwin Review

In the Footsteps of Darwin is a game which will have you cursing your fellow players. You’ll catch yourself muttering “I can’t believe you took my wombat!”, and no one will bat an eyelid.

sea salt and paper box art

Sea Salt & Paper Review

Sea Salt & Paper is a great game which now happily nestles in my travel back of ‘card games to play anywhere with anyone’ along with the likes of Scout and 6 Nimmt.

spellbook box art

SpellBook Review

Blasting through the Spiel Essen 2023 small box noise like a double-barreled shotgun comes a new game from the double-barrel surnamed Phil Walker-Harding.

deep dive box art

Deep Dive Review

Deep dive is a quick, light, push-your-luck game which takes a minute to teach and fifteen minutes to play

books of time box art

Books Of Time Review

Books of Time hit me right in the nostalgia. Not because I’ve played another game like it, because I’m not sure I have, but because of the sound.

cadaver box art

Cadaver Review

Cadaver is a quick, easy, set-collection game with a generous helping of take-that thrown in for good measure

vaalbara box art

Vaalbara Review

Vaalbara shares some of Citadels’ DNA but does it in a distinctly different way, resulting in a quick, lightweight game with a decent level of interaction

trekking through history box art

Trekking Through History Review

Sometimes you want a game that cuts through the layers upon layers of complexity of modern Euro games and instead emphasises doing one thing, and doing it well. Trekking Through History’s thing is set collection, and it’s something it does very well

Pugs In Mugs Review

I’ve got a pet pug called Jeffrey. Actually, I’ve got one-and-a-half pugs, as I also have a half-pug called Peggy. Now, as squishy as a pug might be, there’s no way I’m getting Jeff in a mug.