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horseless carriage box art

Horseless Carriage Review

If you think games like Isle of Cats, A Feast For Odin, or even Barenpark are tricky tile-placement puzzles, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Horseless Carriage is a harsh, unforgiving mistress.

diatoms box art

Diatoms Preview

Diatoms. We all know what they are, right? Yeah, of course we do, but just in case anyone doesn’t, let me explain.

barcelona box art

Barcelona Review

Barcelona is the latest Euro game from Board&Dice. It’s a mixture of tile-placement and action-selection, and while that sounds like a relatively easy mixture to cope with, there are a lot of things going on

oros box art

Oros Review

Oros is a unique game which deserves way more attention than it gets. If you’re one of those people who’s always looking for that undiscovered gem, or just want something different from anything you’ve played before, Oros is a fantastic choice.

akropolis box art

Akropolis Review

Akropolis would be tricky enough if was just a case of planning your own city because there are a buttload of decisions to make with every single tile choice and every single tile placement.

ynaros fallin box art

Ynaros Fallin’ Preview

Rival Shamans face off across a magical land, a magical land which is conveniently made of hexagons. Your aim: to become the most powerful Shaman the land has ever seen.

shake that city box art

Shake That City Review

Shake That City is a tile-laying puzzle game with really light rules. The (very tenuous) theme has you choosing a series of tiles to make your own little city on your 5×5 grid boards. “But Adam, how am I – a lowly civil engineer – meant to choose which buildings and infrastructure go into my city?”. Don’t worry, friend, that’s where the cube shaker comes in.

ark nova box art

Ark Nova Review

All too often I’ve seen the hype for new games fade quicker than a cheap sparkler, but here we are, a year later, and people are still talking about Ark Nova. Mathias Wigge might not be a name you knew a year ago, so should you know it now?

tabannusi box art

Tabannusi: Builders of Ur Review

Dice as workers, a historical theme with an unusual name beginning with the letter T, and tons of depth – it’s all in there. Let’s take a look at Tabannusi.